Yasser Mostafa Kadah

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Medical Equipment 2 - 2014


Class News

  • Term Exam Solutions (June 2014)

  • Midterm Exam Solution

  • Homework due dates are now extended until 2 weeks after final exams without delay penalty

  • Project recorded presentations due date is now 2 weeks after final exams without delay penalty

  • Material included in the final exam will include: Hemodialysis, Mechanical Ventilator, and CT

  • Final exam is Open-Book, Open-Notes and is similar in style to exercises below and midterm exam


Administrative Information

Total Grade: 75 points - Coursework Grade: 25 points

Midterm Exam: 10 points + Projects: 10 points + Homework: 5 points

Exam Style: Open-Book / Open Notes


Class Textbooks


1. Handbook of Dialysis Therapy, 4th ed., by Allen R. Nissenson and Richard N. Fine, Saunders, 2007.

2. Handbook of Respiratory Care, 3rd ed., by Robert L. Chatburn and Eduardo Mireles-Cabodevila, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2010.

3. X-Ray Computed Tomography in Biomedical Engineering, by Robert Cierniak, Springer, 2011 

5. AAMI Standards, 2011.

Note: All Textbooks are Available in Library


  1. Hemodialysis part material
  2. Hemodialysis lecture presentation
  3. Ventilator part material
  4. Ventilator lecture presentation
  5. CT part material
  6. CT lecture presentation

Please check the Lectures section of the web site for video recordings of lectures

Problem Assignments


Class Project

Please prepare a 5 minute presentation and a practical demo for each of two BTA Skills from different areas from the projects given at EWH web site. Allowed topics are given in this archive.  (Total Grade: 10 points)



Watch the Medical Imaging Techniques introductory lectures in Arabic on my YouTube channel and you will be assigned one homework for one lecture every week (Total of 5 homeworks). Each homework will be worth 1 point.

You can access the lectures on YouTube from here or download the movie lectures from here.



More Information

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